Stencils, stencil brushes and decorative mouldings

Mini, A5 and A4 stencils and stencil brushes.

The stencils are made from 190 micron Mylar, which is a thin polyester material similar to acetate, but much stronger. Mylar is very flexible and can be used for stencilling on slightly curved as well as flat surface, allowing good contact with painting surfaces.

The stencils work well with chalk paint, or oil based paints and can be used to:

  • decorate furniture - chairs, chests, drawers, wardrobes, beds, tables
  • fabric - cushions, curtains, drawstring bags, bedding, blinds
  • walls, doors
  • ceramics - vases, enamels
  • to make framed prints or pictures.

The brushes are:

  • Made in the UK.
  • Pure natural bristle, soft at the end for nice smooth finish to your stencilling.
  • Great quality and long lasting.
  • The flat end allows close contact to the surface being painted without the bristles moving under the stencil and spreading paint beneath it.
  • Use with any type of paint, for all types of stencilling.